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The Truth Art Gallery Presents “Everlasting Colors,” An Exhibit

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Portraits, colors and nature! The Truth Art Gallery is presenting an exhibit by two of the Gallery’s favorite artists over the last few year – Mack Walton and Gabriele Orza.

From May 1 to June 31, the Gallery is presenting paintings by these two artists online and at the Gallery - by appointment only until the shelter-in-place is over.

Toledo artist Mack Walton has been presenting his portraits and scenic displays of the world around him for decades. It’s his life, it’s his passion. And it has been for over 50 years.

Walton, a Toledo native who attended Scott High School, started painting in 1966 when he won a contest and took a correspondence course. After that he was hooked, says the Vietnam veteran who joined Jeep in the late 1970’s and remained in factory work there until his retirement in 2001.

Mack developed a procedure and a following among his fellow employees at Jeep by transferring photographs to oil canvas. He estimates that he painted over 100 portraits during his 25-year Jeep career.

That kept him fairly busy, he recalls, nut it also limited his ability to reach for a broader audience. “I didn’t have time to sell myself,” he says. And as any successful artist will freely admit, an artist must have the ability to pay attention to the business side of the art business.

Mack eventually ventured into street scenes, landscapes and still life – all of which are on exhibit on The Truth Gallery website and in the Gallery itself by appointment.

Gabriela Orza, a Detroit-area resident is a native of Romania who developed her skills and talents studying for a masters degree in art at the Academy for Visual Arts in Cluj, Romania.

Since her arrival in the United States several decades ago, Gabriela has developed and expressed that talent in a variety of sites in southeastern Michigan – an art teacher at High Point and the Kensington School of the Arts; an art director at the Palace Stone Gallery in Auburn Hills, for example. She has worked in oil, mural paintings, ceramics and as a book illustrator and author. She has also held over two dozen personal exhibits and has presented her art work in a variety of press and television shows.

Recently, inspired by the work of Spanish painter Jose Royo, Gabriela has been expanding her art repertoire by working, as does that Spanish master, with light and bursts of color somewhat reminiscent of the French impressionist, Renoir.

Gabriela has about a dozen of these recent works on display at the Gallery and on our website.

The online video and exhibition catalogue and price list for “Everlasting Colors, are posted on The Sojourner’s Truth website at www.thetruthtoledo.com

Mack Walton
Mack Walton
Mack Walton
Mack Walton
Mack Walton
Gabriela Orza
Mack Walton
Gabriela Orza
Gabriela Orza Gabriela Orza Gabriela Orza










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